WE’RE A FRENCH FARMHOUSE DRIPPING WITH PERSONALITY. We're not just another barn. We’re not for every bride or visitor…and we’re ok with that.

SAY "I  DO."

You found each other. Now, you are on an epic search for that beautifully out of the box venue that speaks to your forever. You are looking for something different, and if you have been looking long, you know there are plenty of barns and ballrooms.

We’re not that. Champagne Ranch is not just a place to wed. We're a place to sip, shop, wed, bed and break bread. We're a one-stop bed + breakfast, barntique and wedding & event shop that just so happens to homestead in one of the most beautiful 5-acre French Country wedding and event backdrops in East Texas. We've been creating amazing experiences and producing spectacular out-of-the-box events for more than 20 years and, when it comes to weddings, there is no more creative place to have one.  We design the wedding to your bride and groom style, and we offer turnkey services to totally execute your vibe. We curate your wedding in a way that will not be replicated, and we can bring just about any vision that you have for your special day to life. If you love rustic, bold and boujee, no one does it better. If you dig farmhouse froufrou, we got that too. If you want an all-out circus, we are great ringmasters. Traditional? Yes, we can. Whatever your style, we work best when we get to break molds, push envelopes and create days that are unique to you. From invitation design and printing to custom wedding gowns to sparklers at sundown, we are more than just a venue – we’re your creative wedding HQ.

Our packages are over the top, as well. Although we are happy to hand you the keys and let you plan it your way, our best weddings are when we get to sprinkle our creative glitter all over it and handle all the details. Need help with what’s trending in menus? We not only have exclusive catering packages, our catering displays know no bounds. Want tray-passed craft cocktails at your wedding? Handled. We even have a menagerie of props and rentals that can really bring the wedding spunk. ALL of our packages are consultative, whether you’re just renting the venue or handing us the baton. We bring our more than 25 years in wedding and event planning to every detail of your day from ‘Will you’ to ‘I do – and we were dealt creativity in spades.

And, we’re EXTRA. This is our passion, not just our daily gig. We’re invested. What other venues charge you for, we give you so that we can toast your day in our best crystal. We do not limit or charge you extra for event staffing, for example. Rather, we staff based on offering the best possible service so that your event is seamlessly executed. At Champagne Ranch our commitment to service is paramount. Here, you can have your cake and eat it too…and we’ll even serve it on a silver platter.

We mentioned that we’re consultative. We’re less about price lists and questionnaires and more about sitting down with you, a glass of champagne and a discussion about your vision. We’re as creative as it gets, and we can create magic.

Cheers to you two! Here’s to your new beginning. And we hope it all begins at Champagne Ranch.