Join She is Whiskey in a Teacup in our 2nd year of blessing the less fortunate. We are honored to support one of the most benevolent causes we know  - the SoupMobile Christmas Shoe Box Campaign! Join us in supporting this amazing organization in their efforts to spread a little Christmas Cheer for those in need.


Christmas is just around the corner and the SoupMobile is carrying on its annual tradition of offering Christmas gifts to thousands of homeless men & women in the Dallas area. You and your family, but also your church, your school, your business and your favorite organizations are invited to fill shoe boxes with inexpensive items that will bless the lives of the homeless living on the streets of Dallas this winter.

Here are just a few steps/suggestions as a guide:

1. Use an empty shoe box, but you can also use plastic boxes or other types of boxes if you cannot find regular shoe boxes.

2. Please only use boxes that have a separate bottom and lid, and please wrap the lid and the box separately. Use a ribbon to wrap around the entire box to secure the lid to the box.

3. Most boxes will be generic and will have items that can be used by a Male or Female. However if you choose to make up a box specifically for a Female, please use a black marker and put a big F on the lid of the box so we can set it aside for homeless women. 

5. Place a $5 MacDonald's Gift Card in the Box. THE NUMBER #1 ITEM most needed for each Christmas Shoe Box is a $5 MacDonald's Gift Card. These Gift Cards allow a homeless person to walk into a MacDonald's with dignity & order a hot meal along with a cup of coffee. (Please know that while it’s NOT mandatory that a Mac Gift Card be put in each box, it is a wonderful Christmas blessing for a homeless person.)Please give prayerful consideration to including a $5 mac Gift Card.

6. Help a Homelessn Person Stay warm and dry with a hat, gloves, scarf, tube socks, hand warmers, plastic poncho, or small umbrella.

7. Help a Homeless Person maintain personal hygiene with small hand sanitizer, toothbrush + toothpaste, disposable razors, travel size Kleenex tissues and lip balm.

8. Make life on the streets a little easier with creature comforts like a pen, pencil, small notebook, flashlight, small radio (with batteries), granola bars, hard candy or gum, paperback book, a small Bible

9. Include a PERSONAL NOTE with first name only to make it more special.

She is Whiskey in a Teacup is an official DROP OFF LOCATION, and we'll be accepting drop-offs between now and DECEMBER 10, 2019 at our store located downtown Wills Point on the bricks. We will collect the packages and deliver them all the week before Christmas to the SoupMobile team in Dallas.

This is an amazing group activity for youth groups, church groups or friends, and we invite you to help us support this amazing cause! 

211 N. 4th Street
Wills Point, TX 75169