SHE IS Collab

She is Whiskey in a Teacup Celebrates all things Beautiful. We applaud and build up Women who collaborate, women who lead, women who make their own rules, women who truly love each other, women who give and women who trail blaze. When we named our boutique in the beginning, it was built around a desire to become something more than just a boutique. It was meant to be a mantra. A collaborative. A Community.  And it has been. We've hosted showcases, we've produced vendor markets, we've collabbed with other businesses to create joint promotions, we've created community events to drive traffic to our businesses, and we've even organized group giving campaigns for local charities. So, we've really been ambassadors for such a collab since our inception...we just didn't make it a formal thing.

We have sat down (on numerous occasions) at our creative table and brainstormed on what it would take to launch such an initiative, and we've even surveyed our friends and biz sisters to ask them if it's something they'd get behind and contribute to. We've even given it several poignant and compelling names in the last couple of years working with trends and catchphrases.  But, nothing has stuck. Perhaps it was still marinating. It just wasn't meant to be.

We run another business in tandem to She is Whiskey in a Teacup, Kristie Christensen Design. KC Design helps our Sisters in Business create and build their brands, design their spaces, build their boutiques, merchandise their businesses and even decorate their shops and homes. And we've been doing it since 2006. 

Melt that into Kristie's career spent in creating events and bringing people together, and it is in this common space between the boutique and the branding firm that the SHE IS Collab found its home. It doesn't need to be a separate thing. It's all the same thing. 

So, welcome to the SHE IS Collab. It's a little bit business, a little bit lifestyle, a lotta bit collaborative and little bit of giving back. Don't just join our group on Facebook, help us define it. We're putting SHE IS into the capable hands of our friends and colleagues because SHE IS...ahem...YOU ARE what this is all about.