Owner, Kristie Christensen, brought more than 20 years experience building dynamic brands through marketing & graphic design and a decade running her own marketing agency, Kristie & Company, to the boutique, venue and b+b when she opened its doors.

If you ask the Mother Hen of this entire operation and Kristie's "Little Mama," it all started with that 1970s Enjoli "I'm a Woman" Perfume Commercial. She would literally suffer through Prime Time TV programs just to sing along to a host of advertising jingles.  Couple that with her lifelong love for all things festive...and it's no wonder. 
Most who know Kristie's brands think of us as a Power Brand (their words, not ours  - until now). That may sound a smidge pompous, but we finally just submitted to the notion and decided to own it. We are constantly pushing the envelope on branding, graphic design, retail, events and experiences, and trailblazing with ideas that we think will support other women in business. Forget thinking outside the proverbial box. We crush the box and toss it into the burn pile (probably the fire pit located in our own boujee backyard). Our owner, Kristie Christensen, has made a career of building brands and propping up women in business, and this East Texas Experience is the culmination of it all. It all started here with Kristie & Company in 2006. It was then parlayed into retail with She is Whiskey in a Teacup, and now she is bringing it all home to her Boujee French Farmhouse-turned-Champagne Ranch (and...here's a fun fact...she used to live here). Up until now...like true Southern Girl Bosses...we were trying to run separate businesses. Well, it's a new day. Many of our customers cross over between our Design firm, events and our boutique. So, why not toss it all in one big spiked teacup?

She still serves as brand ambassador and designer to a host of small businesses, with a heavy roster of boutique owners as her customers.  In fact,  many of  our customers participate in all of our business silos  - from events to vendor markets to peddling merchandise in our barntique. And, we toss the phrase "She is Whiskey in a Teacup" around like glitter. Not only does it literally define Kristie, it's our Brand Mantra. The walls in our creative HQ are literally wallpapered in this concept. She is Whiskey in a Teacup is a dare to be extraordinary; to identify the unique in everything, and it not only defines our boutique and its customers, but it best defines our strategy in building brands for our customers. Branding is a State of Mind, and the Best Brands create lifestyles that their customers want to live and breathe in.  Plus, the concept literally inspired the barntique,  b+b & event venue in the first place, so why not pay true homage?

The concept is more than just a metaphor, it's Kristie's truth. She's been called a brandaholic, and some have even said that her love for creating brands could use its own 12 step. But in life, and in business, she winks at them while running with arms wide open to that teacup filled with creative whiskey (or champagne - she's not picky)...and she drinks - hence the brand names. Wink.

And Kristie & Company is an AWARD-WINNING agency. It's legit. Kristie built a career in luxury branding in the hospitality, travel, events & retail industries (um, for about 20 years or so), so she knows a thing or twelve about creating and taking brands to market, and she and her team bring that experience and energy to our boutique brands that we build for our sisters in business.

SHE IS WHISKEY IN A TEACUP is a lifestyle brand with clothing and accessories celebrating the Fearless, Wayward, Pure Hearted, Soul Drenched Wonders Who Run Barefoot into the Fire in Life, Love & Business. The brand is Old West Paris meets Annie Get Your Gun. It's quite literally like a Wild West Retail Show comprised of retail peddling, retail marketing & retail mentoring.

The point is...she and the team are in the retail rodeo arena with you. We can both empathize AND share that insight with our customers who are looking to tell authentic brand stories in the most bodacious ways. Let's put it this way...we like to get our hands dirty...tossing gold glitter all over your brand.