She is Whiskey in a Teacup

She is Whiskey in a Teacup is a State of Mind. A declaration. It's an attitude-drenched, Chippy/Shabby Boudoir Brand where the only business at hand is sipping Whiskey out of Teacups, Gussying Up and engaging in Southern Girl Boss chatter about riding out at Sunset in sequin-coated chaps with All Guns Blazin'. We're Marie Antoinette meets Annie Get Your Gun. We're Old West Paris. We're Gun-Smoked. We're Darling Desperados. We're Posh Pariahs. We're Lush Lashes, Top Knots & Double Shots. We're FrouFrou Fraulines. We're devil-may-care designers and peddlers of of Romantic Western clothing & accessories.