Rethread Collection

We're in the ranch style fashion biz. That sometimes means we buy all the things and then retire them after a few wears. Missed your chance at that fab pair of bells last season? Well, this is your chance to grab them at a hefty discount. 

The Rethread Collection is like a couture closet purge of slightly used but on-trend threads that may have been word only once or a few times by our team. These styles are carefully curated, still trendy and may just need to be paired with something from your closet to give them new life. The sizes vary and these will be one-off pieces, but they may be just what your new pair of booties are looking for to wear for date night.

Are you a self proclaimed fashionista and need a place to drop off your re-threads?  By appointment, we will take a look at your closet purge items to see if there may be a place for them in our closet!

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